Centraal Beheer is looking for start-ups to collaborate with

The main challenge of Centraal Beheer is to stay relevant  to their customers on a daily basis in a rapidly changing world. And to give them the best experience possible. Therefore, we are searching for new business models to offer our customers all the services and solutions they need to live a happy life.

Lab55 is the open innovation platform of Centraal Beheer. It is the launching platform for startups. In Lab55, we experiment, advice and co-create together with start-ups, entrepreneurs and students. Together we find new possibilities and solutions to make our customers happy. Alone you go faster but together you go further!

The main areas of innovation we are focusing on are:

  • housing
  • mobility
  • financial wellbeing/certainty
  • travel/leisure

Our actual challenges

Innovative sustainability solutions

Sustainability is hot. But what does it mean and what are the possibilities? What sustainability solutions can Centraal Beheer or their customers benefit from, related to housing, mobility or financia...

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The process

Step 1

New application

Simply fill out the application form. This will take approximately 10 minutes of your time.

Step 2


We will evaluate your application and ask, if needed, for more information. We usually respond within 1 week.

Step 3


If we think there is a match, we will plan an online meeting (Skype) or call. Usually this happens a few days after we received the information we asked for.

Step 4


If we find there is  a common objective or a mutual desire to work together, we will invite you to meet in person at our premises. For this meeting we will also invite colleagues who have a specific expertise or special interest in the idea of your startup.


What Centraal Beheer has to offer to startups: 

  •  Benefit from industry experts, mentorship and coaching
  •  Access to customers of Centraal Beheer and its distribution channels
  •  Collaboration based on equality: generating value for both your startup as for Centraal Beheer
  •  Free to use co-working spaces in our innovation lab Lab55 in Apeldoorn
  •  Linking-pin to the rest of the Achmea organisation