Centraal Beheer is looking for innovative sustainability solutions or services

Sustainability is hot. But what does it mean and what are the possibilities? What sustainability solutions can Centraal Beheer or their customers benefit from, related to housing, mobility or financial wellbeing?

The 1st of November Centraal Beheer is organizing a pitch event

The innovation lab of Centraal Beheer, Lab55, organizes every three months a pitch event. This is the right place to pitch your innovative idea, product or service. It is the first step in a collaboration which is both valuable for your startup as for Centraal Beheer.

Apply for the pitch event bij taking this challenge

Do you, as a start-up, see a sustainability opportunity that is related to housing, mobility or financial wellbeing? Then apply by taking this challenge. Hopefully we can welcome you the 1th of November on the Lab55 stage on the Centraal Beheer campus in Apeldoorn!

Why should you apply?

Five start-ups get the chance to pitch their idea in 5 minutes. A C-level Dragon's Den will be present to evaluate your idea, ask questions or offer you their help. After the pitches, the Dragons Den will nominate a winner of the pitch event. For the winner we organize a lunch with relevant stakeholders from Centraal Beheer (or other parts of Achmea) to look for opportunities to work together. We are still working together with the winners of the last two pitch events: Bittiq (winner February 2018) and Zoofy (winner June 2018).

We will make sure a lot of Achmea colleagues will be present. This is a great opportunity to show them your idea and explain how you think Achmea can benefit from it. Also, you can ask them for help on specific topics to develop your start-up. We’ll see you the 1st of November!